Yorka Textile - About Us 

Our History

Yorka consists of three departments being: - Software development company - Fuga - Yorka textile Software development company is developing software for several sectors since 2000. Yorka is specialised in software for transportation and they are also listed in the top three software companies of Turkey. Fuga located in İzmir is a software marketing company. Yorka textile is a digital printing company newly started committed to be the number one in creating and printing textile in Turkey. The team is experienced in digital printing since 2011. They manufacture textile as woman outerware but also but also home textile. Yorka doesn’t use toxic chemicals while manufacturing textile.

Our Mission

With Maximum Production and Minimum erros Philosophy , making each of the stages of production to produce the World-Class Quality control and provide the fastest service with the most appropriate prices, for our potetial and existing customers.

Our Vision

Our aim is to constantly renew Technology in Manufacturing,apparel and Home Textile companys engaged in the Production of Dıgıtal Printing has become the most important suppliers. We give the priority to Innovatıon and invest in new products.